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We service all of Nashville and its suburbs. If you aren't sure if we'll service your area please give us a call. Here are some of the suburbs we service: Murfreesboro, Franklin, Hendersonville
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Cleaning Your Home Could Make You Healthier

Do you ever worry about the state of affairs inside your home before your invite guests over? Your home should be a serene escape from the busyness of the rest of the day. Instead, you find yourself frantically collecting cups, picking up toys, and trying to scrub away that mystery gunk from the kitchen counter. Doing this once in a while can be normal for most people, but a chronic state of chaos and clutter could be bad for your health.

At Maid Complete, we believe that every Nashville home deserves to be sparkling clean. Let us help you achieve a safer and healthier home environment.

How Can We Help?

Does it sound too good to be true that a house cleaning service could help you to live a healthier lifestyle? Many people underestimate just how essential a clean home can be to your overall health. Take a look at a few of these simple ways we can create a better environment for you and your family with just a few cleaning sessions.

Reduce allergy symptoms: Do you have itchy, watery eyes whenever you're at home? Maybe your nose runs incessantly once you walk through your front door. Both of these are signs of allergies that could be stemming from your home. Allowing Maid Complete to rein in the dust, dirt, and pet dander could be just what you need in order to reduce your allergy symptoms to a more tolerable level.

Catch fewer illnesses: Some people naturally have a tendency to catch every cold and flu that comes their way. A dirty house could be contributing to your frequent sicknesses. When you have cluttered surfaces that rarely get cleaned, your home can harbor harmful bacteria that make you sick over and over again.

Put your mind at ease: You might stress yourself out over the constant source of clutter, chaos, and dirt in your home. After getting back from another late-night Nashville concert, the last thing you want to do is sweep and mop your home. We can give you more peace of mind to help relieve some of your stress with a thorough house cleaning. This means you can keep enjoying all of the sights and sounds of Nashville without worrying about your house.

Nashville Cleaning Concerns

Have you ever wondered just what it takes to clean a Nashville home? The climate of this major city makes your house more prone to certain issues. You need a cleaning service that knows exactly what to keep an eye out for, so be sure to choose the experts at Maid Complete. We can help protect you from the top two concerns in this southern city: heat and humidity.

Bacteria tend to breed the most when given warm air and moist conditions. Unfortunately, the hot and humid summers that tend to linger in Nashville set the perfect stage for bacteria to rapidly multiply. This can make you extremely ill if you don't keep up with a regular cleaning regimen. We can help you to eliminate your bacteria problem by regularly sanitizing the most commonly used areas of your home.

Unfortunately, the heat also contributes to a different problem - mold growth. When the warm outside air combines with the chilled air from your climate-controlled house, the end result tends to be condensation. You might see these water droplets build up on your windows, the walls, and anywhere else the hot and cold air mix.

Prolonged exposure to the moisture can lead to mold growth. Spending too much time breathing in mold spores can lead to extreme sickness depending on the severity and your sensitivity. A professional cleaning service can help you to keep an eye on any potential mold growth so you can clear up the problem early.

The Maid Complete Commitment

We know that your home should be your safe space to make memories and enjoy your family. Maid Complete wants to promise you that we can do an excellent job helping you to keep this space clean and tidy for the days ahead. Our professional team will work hard to make sure that you are absolutely delighted with our Nashville house cleaning services. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, so these are the commitments we are willing to make to you.

Professional Services from Insured Maids

We don't hire just anyone who can handle a mop bucket or a sponge. Our maids are held to a much higher standard because we expect them to be trustworthy, reliable, and respectful in our clients' homes. They will show up when they are supposed to, and they always perform a cleaning service that will exceed your expectations.

Even better, we make sure that all of our maids are licensed and insured to protect your property. Accidents can occasionally happen, even if we happen to be extremely careful. We want to make sure that nothing will fall back on you or harm your home.

Healthier Cleaning Options

Does the idea of using harsh chemicals in your Nashville home make you feel a little cautious? Maid Complete offers a green cleaning option that uses only organic cleaners that will be safer for your home. Pets and children will both be perfectly safe around these natural alternatives to the other commercially used cleaners.

Variety of Services

Our maids can offer you a wide variety of services to suit your unique needs. We most often recommend starting with a deep cleaning service to get things under control quickly. However, we can tailor the rest of your services to meet your family's preferences. You might choose weekly services or monthly services to help you keep a handle on the cleanliness of your home. Of course, we also offer move in or move out cleanings to help you handle a move to a new part of Nashville.

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At Maid Complete, we love our customers and want to show them how much we value their business. Loyal customers who opt for repeat cleanings can earn special discounts when they book online. Register online for one of our cleaning sessions in your home to see our straightforward pricing system. Let our professional Nashville house cleaning services give you the home you've always dreamed of today!

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I love the freshly cleaned scent after you guys left and how great my place looked - thx!

Maid Complete
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Twice a month you guys come out and each time it is great - thanks for the help cleaning!

-Tim Z., Murfreesboro, TN

As a busy mom to 3 little kids I don't always have time to clean up. Thank you for always being there when I need you to help clean our home.

-Sarah M., Nashville, TN

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