Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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Make Bathroom Cleaning a Breeze with These Tips

Maid Complete offers bathroom cleaning services to help keep your most intimate space clean and fresh while also cleaning up any mold or mildew that arises. No matter how often you have a cleaning performed in your home, you will still need to do some basic maintenance in the in between time to keep your bathroom clean. Below, we will go over some tips to help you keep your bathroom sparkling all year round.

1. Always Wipe the Counters and Sink

Once you are done using the bathroom, wipe out the sink and wipe down the counters to keep them free from any grime or hard water spots. A quick wipe down each and every morning and night will keep your bathroom beautiful and prevent hidden germs from spreading.

2. Hang Your Towels to Dry

You should avoid dropping your towels on the floor or into a heap when you are done using them. This creates clutter and it is does not allow the towel to fully dry. If left in a heap for too long, mold may begin to grow on the towel.

3. Don't Start a Collection

One of the easiest things to do is to leave your items on the bathroom counter, but this is not a good idea as the trash can pile up quickly. To combat this, keep a small basket on the counter for your bath items, a small trashcan in the corner for your disposable items, and a toothbrush holder on your countertop for everyone's brushes.

Also, you should keep decorations to a minimum, as too many can cause clutter and they may become dust collectors.

4. Wipe Down the Shower Stall

Once you are done taking a shower, make sure that you wipe down the stall to prevent hard water spots and stains. In addition, you should avoid using bar soap as it is known to create soap scum. A buildup of this scum is unsightly and difficult to remove as well.

5. Keep Anti-Bacterial Wipes on Hand

You should keep a small container of anti-bacterial wipes on your bathroom counter or under the bathroom sink. These wipes can be used on the toilet, counter, and more. You should take one wipe a day and simple wipe down your toilet, the toilet tank, towel holder, counters, and fixtures.

Keeping your bathroom clean in between professional cleanings is easy to do with these five tips above. If you are in need of residential Sacramento cleaning services, call Maid Complete today. We look forward to keeping your home clean all year round.

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