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What Services are Provided?

Maid Complete is available to provide all of the necessary house cleaning services any Denver home is going to need. Whether it is a two bedroom apartment or a four bedroom condo, the professionally trained and background checked maids are able to come in, clean the property and make sure it looks and smells perfect. Whether someone is preparing for a house party or just wants to remove some of the pet smells that have started to linger, Maid Complete is the house cleaning service that all Denver home owner needs to check out. Of course, before hiring us, it is important to understand a bit about the company and what all we do in order to make the home more comfortable to live in.

Booking a Home Cleaning Service

Booking a home cleaning service isn't difficult and takes just a minute of time. A home owner just needs to log onto the Maid Complete website, fill out the brief order form, select the package they want and book their cleaning time. They can also contact the company through the telephone number as well, if they are not able to email. Once they complete the booking information they are going to receive an email notification so they can keep it for their own records. It really doesn't take long, and as long as there is an available cleaning window open, it is possible for anyone to select the open window for their home to be cleaned.

Homes with Pets and Young Children

Pet owners and parents of young children are often very cautious of what kind of cleaning items they use in their house. After all, both are rather curious and tend to put just about anything in their mouths if they can. That is exactly why Maid Complete uses only non-toxic or organic products for all of their cleaning. This way, not only is the house cleaned immaculately, but the pets and young children scurrying about the floors are safe as well.

Being Home During a Clean

This is totally up to the home owner. If they feel more comfortable being at home during the house cleaning then by all means, they should stay at home. However, one of the major benefits of having a house cleaned is that the home owners can go out, enjoy their time not cleaning or take care of other errands while their house is cleaned for them. For individuals who don't mind being out during the cleaning time, all they need to do is leave a key with Maid Complete and everything can be taken care of without a problem.

Services Not Provided

Although Maid Complete cleans all of the most important areas, it is important for some home owners to understand the cleaning services not provided by Maid Complete. While it is the goal of the company to leave the house in the best shape possible, it is also important for the maids to be able to move from one location to the next without a problem and in a small vehicle. That means they are unable to carry with them certain appliances and hardware that take up more space. They are not going to resurface, wax or refinish floors. They also do not clean light bulbs, move large furniture or put dishes away. The house cleaning service does not want to risk accidentally damaging anything in the house, which is a major reason why these different aspects are not performed during the maid cleaning process.

Licensed and Insured

This is one of the most important questions any home owner is able to ask. They should never allow someone to clean a house that is not licensed and insured. While this is not to say that these individuals are unable to clean a home properly, should something end up damaged or missing, the company cannot be liable for it. However, when a company is licensed and insured, they cover all damages. This is just another reason why Maid Complete is one of the best Denver house cleaning companies out there.

The next time a home owner wants to prepare their home for a party or they just want to clean it from the weeks worth of dirt and grime that has built up, it is important to seek out the very best Denver house cleaning service. Maid Complete is not only licensed and insured, but they provide all of the cleaning requirements the home owner needs.

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