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Different Services Provided

Keeping a house clean is hard work, especially if it goes without a cleaning for a few weeks. Everything just starts to pile up and, by the time it is time to clean, it is going to take a full day or longer to perform. For anyone who works for a living, the idea of coming home from work in order to clean often isn't desirable, which is why putting the cleaning off typically happens. The amount of time and energy required to clean the house just isn't there after a full day of working. Thankfully though, with the help of Maid Complete in Denver, the cleaning can all be taken care of while the home owner relaxes or goes out and runs their own errands. No matter the schedule or what needs cleaning, Maid Complete can assist with all your cleaning needs.

The Routine Cleaning

The routine cleaning service provided by Maid Complete is available for basic cleanings. It is going to work throughout the majority of the house and provide the basics. This is a great way to keep a home clean on a bi-weekly basis. There are other, deep cleaning services, offered up in additional packages that provide more cleaning options, although those other options are not required on a bi-weekly or even once a month timetable. However, it can be used more as a bi-monthly cleaning.

Throughout the entire home, the cleaners dust, sweep and mop the hard flooring while vacuuming the carpet. They clean mirrors and empty out the trash in all rooms. In the wet areas of the house they dust cabinets, clean countertops and vacuum area rugs while in the kitchen they clean the stove top and overhead fan, wipe down large appliances, run the dishwasher if needed and clean laundry appliances. In the bathroom the our cleaners scrub and clean the toilets, tubs and sinks, while in the living areas the maids vacuum closet space, clean up shoes and clothes, vacuum furniture and make the bed.

Deep Clean

The deep cleaning service provides all of the same cleaning options as the routine cleaning, but it goes above and beyond. This is why it is not a necessary cleaning service every other week, but more on an every other month basis (in some homes, it might be a once a month requirement, depending on the house itself and the number of animals and children living in the home). In all areas of the house, the deep clean adds on cobweb removal, baseboard detailing and detailed door and door frame work. The maids polish cabinet doors and clean the microwave. Just about all of the other cleaning services are kept up from the general cleaning.

Moving In and Moving Out

Whether moving in or moving out, a clean home is important. So, whether it is a five bedroom home or a one bedroom apartment, having a professional clean is a great way to move in or to leave the home. The house cleaning services in Denver provided by Maid Complete can make sure this is possible. The move in and out service provides all of the same cleaning services as the deep clean in all areas, including the wet areas and in the bathroom. In the kitchen, there is no counter top cleaning and the maid does not run the dishwasher. They also do not dust furniture, clean up clothing, vacuum furniture or make the bed. It is all about preparing the home either for the new home owner or to remove dirt left by the previous home owners.

Maid Complete Addons

There are some cleaning addons offered by Maid Services. These are cleaning options that are not always required all that often, but might be desired if a home owner is expecting guests or if it has been a while since the particular cleaning service has been used. This includes cleaning the refrigerator and oven. Cleaning interior windows and inside of cabinets. Also, cleaning a finished basement does count as an add on to the base price.

For anyone who wants to make sure their home is always cleaned and organized, all they need to do is call Maid Complete. This Denver cleaning company is able to offer up the very best cleaning professionals so the home can look its very best, no matter the size or how many people live in the home at once.

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