What To Look for In a Professional Cleaning Service

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What To Look For in A Cleaning Service

It can be difficult to find cleaning services in Phoenix that are dependable, offer quality service, and fit your busy schedule. However, knowing what you are looking for and what you should be looking for in a company can help narrow down your search. Finding the cleaning services that are perfect for your home and family should not have to be a struggle. Here are 5 tips to finding the perfect company to clean your home.

Ask About Your Pet

If you own a cat, dog, or other small animal make sure you ask about a pet policy. Some companies will ask you to crate your animals and ensure that small animals such as birds and rabbits stay in their cages for the duration of the service. Always ask what you should do with your pet and what would make everything easier for the cleaning team. It is also important to inform them of a pet so that they can use cleaning products that are pet friendly throughout your home.

Discuss Everything

Whether it be online, over the phone, or face to face make sure you get all the information that you need to feel comfortable with the company. Ask as many questions as possible and do not just settle for basic information. Ask about the services they provide, the supplies they use, and how you know who will be in your home. Having a cleaning team come into your home can present you with several, potentially dangerous, issues and you should be 100% comfortable and confident with who you hire. When making your decision think about who was the most forthcoming with information and who answered your questions in a friendly and professional manner.

Look Over Services

Think about what you want done to your house and look online to ensure that your chosen company offers those particular services and what they cost. Not every place will do the same work for the same price and this can really make or break your decision. If a company offers a pricing guide on their website, look it over and estimate what you will be paying. Know what services you want and what price you are willing to pay. By at least having estimates you will be able to narrow down your options and make a quick, responsible decision.

Ask About Unusual Services

Laundry, dishes, porch cleaning, and deck cleaning are all things that need to be done around your house. However, not every company offers these services. If you are looking for someone to do more than just basic cleaning make sure you outline exactly what you want before making an appointment. Never schedule an appointment with someone who cannot complete the tasks you need done in your home.

Ask About Insurance

The truth is, having someone come into your house to do any kind of work is not 100% safe. Anyone can trip, fall, or hurt themselves in a number of other ways. Those doing cleaning are often in areas of the home that present unique dangers. Always make sure that who is coming into your home is bonded and has insurance for their protection. After all, you never want to be stuck paying the medical bill for someone a company provided you with. If who you hired is not bonded or insured that should be a red flag that the company you have contracted is possibly irresponsible.

Why Choose Maid Complete?

Maid Complete offers Phoenix cleaning services like no other company. At Maid Complete it is not just about cleaning your home, it is about giving you a place where you can feel like you belong. We offer an abundance of different services for one to six bedroom homes and we strive to ensure that the service you want is the service you get. Do you have kids or pets in the home? We supply ourselves with what we need and all of them are made with non-toxic organic ingredients perfect for use around pets and kids. If you are looking for a professional Phoenix AZ cleaning company with a great reputation and quality services, look no further than Maid Complete. The perfect answer to all your cleaning needs.

Finding a house cleaning service in Phoenix to fit your home and family does not have to been a confusing or complicated process. The above 5 tips will help you find a quality cleaning service that meets your needs.

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