Top Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Carpets form part of the esthetic balance and harmony of many homes. They help to add comfort to homes and make them cozier than they could have been without them. However, for carpets to continue serving their purpose effectively is dependent on how they are maintained and taken care of. Carpet cleaning is one of the mandatory procedures that will ensure that your carpet remains in good shape and serves you for longer. Stay with this article to discover some of these tips that will help you maintain and prolong the life of your carpet.

Act on time

Do not wait until the carpet gets filthy and stinking before you clean it. Make sure that as soon as you see the color and luster of the carpet fading you get it cleaned. The advantage of doing this is that it is much easier to clean it and also it will cost you lesser. However, the frequency of cleaning will depend on the level of traffic that the carpet experiences.

Let dry go before wet

The best point to start cleaning your carpet from is point “dry”, and that is dry or vacuum cleaning. This will ensure that all the debris and dust particles are removed before you begin wetting the carpet for further cleaning. Make sure that you use a powerful vacuum cleaner that can reach deep to those dust and debris particles that are hiding deep in the carpet.

Deal with stains before the final cleaning

This is an ideal stage for those carpets that have accumulated deep-seated dirt and stubborn stains. This will require that you use a pretreatment product that will go deep into the recesses of the carpet and loosen the stains and dirt that is deeply entrenched before you clean it. The pre-treatment process will take a short period of between 5 and 10 minutes. When you apply it on surface of the carpet, this pre-treatment solution lifts these stains to the surface. A pre-treatment solution works well on carpets that are subject to high levels of traffic or those that have taken long periods of time before being washed.

Take your time

Another important tip that will give you better results is giving the whole process sufficient time to complete. As you start the cleaning process, do it in a steady manner ensuring that you pull and push it steadily. This will ensure that your cleaner’s water jets get the chance to push through the liquid into the carpet pile as well as allowing the brushes to loosen the stains and dirt. Additionally, when you do not hasten the process, it gives the carpet cleaner time to lift up as much water as possible and hence giving rise to a cleaner and dry carpet.

Vary the speed

The kind of speed you use will have a significant impact on the outcome of the cleaning process. To achieve this, you need to vary the direction of the cleaner and overlap each pass so that every part of the carpet is covered. As you do the cleaning, make sure that you start the cleaning as far from the door of a room as possible. This will ensure that you do not end up stepping on the areas that you have already cleaned.

The rinsing process

After you have thoroughly washed the carpet, you now need to rinse it.ome carpet cleaner models are fitted with a rinsing mode. However, if your cleaner lacks this technical provision you can simply empty the cleaner and fill it with clean water and begin going over the whole area that cleaned in the beginning. This process is important even in cases where your cleaner has a rinsing mode. The reason is that though these cleaners don’t leave behind foam residues, you won’t enjoy using a carpet that is sparkling clean and yet it still smells foam. Rinsing the carpet with plain water will ensure that it remains appealing and friendly to both the eye and nose.


Give the carpet enough time to dry, ideally between 6 to 12 hours. Do not walk on it or place furniture on the carpet until it is completely dry. If you are looking for professional help cleaning your carpets, or the rest of your house give Maid Complete a call. We service many major cities in the US.  Click here for a full list of our locations.

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