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6 Tips To Stay Organized for The Disorganized

6 Organization Tips For Those Who Just Can’t Seem To Keep It All Clean

For some, doing their own house cleaning service may not be difficult. In fact, some may even enjoy the hard work and alone time. However, for many people, keeping that home clean is a completely different matter. No matter how hard they try, some people just can’t seem to keep clutter off their shelves, a sink empty of dishes, or the perfectly sorted fridge. For those who can clean, but just can’t seem to keep it clean, here are 6 organization tips to help keep your home clutter free.


Tackle Your Junk Drawer

One thing a home should NEVER have is the infamous junk drawer. This draw is basically giving you, and your family, an excuse to throw things around. By getting rid of your junk drawer you will be forced to put everything you use back where it came from before you go onto your next activity. This is an especially helpful tip for those who have kids, as children will often take full advantage of a completely unorganized drawer or other space. After all, if you had a way to not get caught not putting things away, why would you ever clean up?


Re-purpose “Useless” Items

Those old shoe boxes, Tupperware containers, and package boxes do not have to go straight into the trash. If you are a crafty person you can re-purpose all these items into fun and eye-catching containers for storing small items. By re-purposing these supposedly “useless” items you are not only being environmentally conscious, but you are creating a spot for everything in your home.


Give Every Item a Home

Too many people just have items sitting throughout their home without a place. Items like this include bags and purses, your go-to jacket, remotes, pens and pencils, loose change, etc. All of these and other small items can create clutter in all the nooks and crannies of your home, making it look dirty. Try and ensure that every item in your home has its proper place. Find room in your closet for that jacket, throw change into a mason jar, and find an easy to reach basket for loose office supplies. When everything has a place you’ll be surprised how much cleaner your home looks.


Create Space with Multi-Purpose Furniture

A reason that many homes are cluttered is simply because there is not enough space for everything. One more sweatshirt and the closet won’t close or another book and the bookshelf will be too full. If you are running into this problem in your home, you can invest in multi-purpose furniture which is simply disguised storage. This type of furniture includes ottomans with lift off tops, couches with pockets, and chairs with hidden compartments. This helps hide all those items that can’t fit anywhere else and does not detract from the overall look of your house.


Get Products Off the Countertops

Many women and some men are notorious for having a variety of product taking up space on their counter around their bathroom sinks. Not only does this make you look messy but it is a counterproductive system for getting ready quickly in the morning. Invent in a plastic tub to put hairdryers, straighteners, hair products, and make up in; and store it under the sink.


Create a System

When it comes to keeping a home organized many people just do not know where to start. After all, sometimes your home can look like a total mess. For these times it is best to create a schedule for reorganizing. Look at your week and take an hour or two each day to work on one room, which makes the task seem much less daunting. By taking it one room at a time you can be more thorough and really take your time.


Cleaning your home may be easy for you, but so can keeping it clutter free. These steps can help anyone keep their home beautiful and year round.

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