Tips for Buying Green Cleaning Products

Green CleaningAs the “green” revolution continues to sweep across the world, many industries are being aligned to the green revolution standards. One of the industries that have been impacted by this green movement is the cleaning industry. This applies in particular to the types of cleaning products that are used to clean homes and other premises. However, not every product out there in the market is “green enough” to deserve your consideration or money and not every cleaning agent claiming to be green is actually green.

That is why it is important for individuals and cleaning companies to take caution before they buy cleaning agents that are being paraded and positioned as being eco-friendly or simply put , “green”. This article seeks to give you insightful tips that will make sure that you are not “green-washed” into buying fake and hazardous and bogus cleaning products even if they come in green packs!

First of all, understand green cleaning

Green cleaning simply refers to the use of environmentally friendly products and the use of methods so as to ensure at the quality of the environment and the human health is preserved at the same time. The whole concept incorporates the kind of tools and equipment being used, the processes and procedures employed and well as the determination to implement progressive improvement.

What are the benefits of using green products?

The use of genuine green cleaning agents and products has a whole array of benefits to the environment, customers of cleaning companies and the health of their own cleaning staff. In this game, everyone is a winner and the list below outlines some of the most common ones:

  • Bio degradable: This is an inherent feature of green cleaning products. This means that the product does not cause the degradation of the environment but on the contrary, the product degrades faster in the environment. This keeps the environment and all its human and non human inhabitants safe and intact.
  • Lower toxicity level: One of the features of cleaning products that do not conform to green standards is the higher levels of toxicity present in them. This is the major cause of all the hazards and risks that accompany their continued usage. Green products on the other hand have a minimal level of toxics and that means that their usage cannot and does not pose a danger to the users of the products or the occupants of the premises being cleaned using those products. Lower toxicity levels are a key component in the safety of the products.
  • Renewable ingredients: Another benefit is green cleaning products is that they are made from renewable resources. This means that the environment is not strained in order to get more fresh raw materials to manufacture them.
  • Non corrosive and non reactive: This attribute makes these products safer compared to the others ones.

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