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Oven Cleaning Tips And Hacks

Cleaning your oven is never a fun thing to do, and it can be incredibly hard to do, as well. While on surfaces like your fridge or counter tops food can stick there and harden, with any food stuck in your oven you run the chance of it burning, catching on fire, and potentially caking on impossibly hard.

Burnt food hardens to impossible strengths, and the same concept goes for food stuck in the oven, only it can harden to your ovens surface, making for a smelly and hard to handle mess that could be potentially fatal if left alone too long.

However, getting down and scrubbing at the caked on food and grime can be annoying, tiring, exhausting, and even painful if you have any condition that restricts your ability to do hard manual labor.

Sometimes caked on food can seem like you need a jackhammer to get through, and even then it’d still stay on. And chipping away at it or trying to scrape is hard to do and can take hours. Luckily, with modern day chemicals, it’s possible to clean your oven without the hassle of having to chip away at burnt food.

Hacks For Oven Cleaning

Hacks For Oven Cleaning

One major hack that can save you time is using either a homemade or store bought oven cleaner. These cleaners are specially made to foam up over time and eradicate the food and grease grime.

One drawback though is that they can take a while to set, but in my opinion its COMPLETELY worth it since when you’re done its a simple swipe with paper towels and your oven is clean and as fresh as the day you bought it.

Another hack, or just general reminder, is to clean the racks. You generally don’t think about focusing on the racks when cleaning your oven, but they can get built up with caked on food and grime just as much as the bottom, top, or door can. So be sure to remove them and clean them.

If you have a plastic bag large enough, you can put them in it and fill it with cleaning liquid, and just let it soak while you finish cleaning the rest of the oven, returning to give it a gentle rinse and be on your way.

One wouldn’t expect this, but another hack is actually just to use an old toothbrush you have lying around. While you may not want to use it to clean the majority of your oven, it can be invaluable for scrubbing little hard to reach places and making sure they’re clean. If you have an old electric toothbrush it can help a lot in scrubbing off dirt, as well.

Seek Help from the Best Housekeeping Services Today

Seek Help from the Best Housekeeping Services Today!

No matter how many hacks you use, oven cleaning still takes time and energy that you would probably rather use elsewhere. That is why we at Maid Complete are dedicated to helping you end the constant, every day need to clean with our premier cleaning services that can help you jump start your house cleaning into a new era of cleanliness.

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