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Keeping Your Kitchen Clean For Good

Your kitchen can easily become one of the messiest, most cluttered, and most uncomfortable places in your home. Since most families spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, it stands to reason that this space can easily become cluttered and messy with things like jackets, shoes, backpacks and more littering the floor making it a difficult place to spend time. Here are a few tips however to help get you kitchen de-cluttered and keep it that way for good.

  1. Remove Non-Essentials- the first step is to take an account of things that are necessary for the proper function of your kitchen. If you have things that are not necessary, remove them from the room and find another location that is more conducive to use. Say you have shoes and coats that seem to never make it out of the kitchen, remove these items and designate a space in your home where they can stay. Laundry rooms, entry ways, and hall closets make a wonderful space for storing coats and shoes and for keeping them up and out of the way. Removing things that are not necessary for the proper function of a kitchen is the first step to a neat and tidy space that is totally usable.

  2. A Place for Everything- the next step to de-cluttering is to find a space for everything. If you prefer, you can always label shelves, add storage bins, and even add other elements that make it easier to utilize your space as best as you can. Making sure that everything that has stayed in the kitchen actually has a place to go can make a huge difference in the overall tidiness of your kitchen. There are often just too many things that do not have a proper storage place which makes clutter easier to accumulate than you might imagine.

  3. Everything in its Place- another great tip is to make sure that after you designate a place for each item, you make sure that it gets put there. This means cleaning as you go, moving items that are in the wrong area, making sure that your tools and gadgets make it back to their resting place after you use them, and making sure that you clean clutter up as you see it. This will help insure that your kitchen tools are where you need them to be at all times and that they are not cluttering up your space.

  4. Nightly Sweeps- though it may seem silly, doing a sweep each night before bed to replace items that are out of place is a great way to stay ahead of the clutter and to keep your kitchen tidy. It may seem like a trivial thing but cleaning up one or two pieces of kitchen items that are out of place once a night is much easier than having to put all the items in your kitchen back in place even if you only have to do it every few days. Making sure that items are put away as they are used is just one great way to make keeping your kitchen free of clutter easier.

  5. Keep Track of What You Use – this is one tip that can help cut down on the clutter dramatically. Keep track of what you are using often and try to get rid of things that you do not use. This will help free up space and can even help make for a much tidier kitchen in the long run. Things that you have not used in months may not be necessary and therefore are taking up space you could use for other items. Remove these items and make room for things you use every day. You can also keep things you use often close at hand so that you do not have to dig through cabinets to find what you need.

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