Cupboard Cleaning 101

How To: Cupboard Cleaning

Cleaning up can be hard work. The average adult spends AT LEAST 1-3 hours each day just on cleaning up from day to day life. This can cut into time with family, friends, and even tire you out after a long day at work.

Doing housework, however, is essential to maintaining a healthy and balanced life, and keeping clean can prevent you from coming in contact with bacteria and diseases that could prove problematic if you were to come down with an illness. There are maid services that can help you out, but you still have to do some work yourself.

Your cupboard may not seem like the first place you would turn to when it’s time to deep clean your house, but in all actuality your cupboard is one of the places that needs cleaning the most.

While open containers are usually not stored in the cupboard, you still need to make sure it is clean so that way when you open them, the contaminants don’t get in, or slip through the packaging if it’s not airtight. Unlike the fridge, you don’t have a time limit, so it’s best to do this type of cleaning when you have time to be really thorough.

How To  Cupboard Cleaning

Cupboard Cleaning 101

The first step you need to clean your cupboards, and perhaps the most time consuming, is emptying them out. This step can be quite challenging since you have to find spots for all of your dishes and food where they won’t be disturbed or broken while you clean. If you have a dining room table, or a clear floor space without pets, those are very viable options for you.

The next step is to get the proper cleaner for the type of material your cupboards are made out of. Certain materials require different types of cleaning solution, so it’s always good to double check which ones are ok for your surface.

Next you need to apply the cleaning solution on the sides, doors, surface, and underneath of every surface, making sure no area is untouched. Leaving areas out can mean contaminants getting into your food and on your dishes, so make sure you do this thoroughly.

Then you need to wait the designated amount of time on the instructions, then wipe it all down, potentially using a scrubber to get off some hard to clean food or dirt. An old or unused toothbrush also works well for this purpose.

And finally, you need to replace all your food where it belonged, potentially throwing out some forgotten expired food in the process. Your food and plates may have left a slight mess on the floor from dust, so make sure to clean that up too.

Cupboard Cleaning 101

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