The Right Way To Clean Wood Furniture

If you are like me, then you like your house to be spick and span. You get angry at your spouse because they put their coffee mug anywhere. Your kids spill milk on the wooden chair. Even the dog gets on the act and does his business on the side of your picture cabinet. And before you blow your top, you try your best to clean their mess the only way you know how, dump some water and soap and then rinse off. No worries, right? Wrong. When we’re talking about wooden furnitures, there is a right (and wrong) way to clean them.

know the wood before applying any chemical on it


Kind of Wood

The first thing to note is that you need to know how old the furniture is. That’s right, age matters. The older the wood is, the more sensitive it will be, this is true with any material. You can’t just throw water and soap on the mess without knowing if there is that potential that they can do harm to the furniture (and hopefully not irreparable damage).


There are newer and stronger materials that are layered on top of the latest “wooden” furnitures but the logic still remains, you have to know the wood before applying any chemical on it. And here’s the thing too, the older the wood, the gentler you should treat it. And by gentler I mean rubbing the dirtied area softly so as not to scratch the surface or remove the old paint.



Remember that coffee mug that gets placed anywhere? Well, it just spilled on the wooden table and is leaving stains and ring formations on your precious furniture. And this doesn’t just apply to coffee, this is also true for hot tea and even spilled milk left uncleaned for a while.


Even more serious stains would be from the alcohol drinks like wine, the occasional beer, and even regular soda drinks. They leave a ring on your furniture that is not that easy to remove once left for a few days, or for some, even just a few hours. Warning: DO NOT RUB with anger as, again, this might scratch the surface and leave you with a damaged wood furniture.



This is a new way how to clean wood furniture and it is becoming more accepted these days because of its practicality and also for its effectiveness. Try to research and browse for possible uses of vinegar for the aforementioned stains and other smudges on your wood furniture.


Vinegar is cheap, readily available, and has been proven very effective in cleaning all kinds of wood furniture. Let me say it again, first know the wood that is blemished BEFORE trying any cleaning method. Save yourself the agony of regret.

have an open mind in how to clean wood furniture


Learn How

The bottom line is to have an open mind in how to clean wood furniture. There are many techniques and methods, and the best way to know which is perfect for you is to try it yourself for a bit and then decide. There are professional maid service companies like Maid Complete that do this excellently because of their experience and skills and research. And I bet you can also do the same.

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