How To Clean Wood Floors Perfectly

If you are like many people, then you are strictly adamant about your house cleanliness. The slightest dust on the table top sets your blood pressure soaring. A candy spot on the curtain seams from your neighbor’s kids turns you into a rage.

Too much? Maybe. But how much is too much? If you are honest with yourself, we all have an obsessive cleaning quality hidden in all of us. And if you care even the slightest about your house, then you would understand. So here’s some advice: let go of the anger and learn how to clean wood floors properly.


Tips How To Clean Wood Floors Perfectly


The dirtiest area in the house is not the bathroom, contrary to popular notions. It is the house floor. Just stop for a minute and look back on the past 24 hours and think about the stuff that rubbed against your floor.

Shoes (what kind of nonsense did they step on that day?), spilled coffee stains from a spouse rushing to work, or how about those kids’ candies dropping on the floor and leaving some sticky ooze.

Just a warning, if you are looking for ways and techniques to clean tiled or cement floors, then that is a topic for another day. Today we are looking at how to clean wood floors, as these are very common materials for residential homes.

It could be real wood or even synthetically manufactured; they are usually cleaned in the same manner.

Tools and Vinegar

The first thing you need to do is to gather the right tools. A simple mop, a microfiber cloth, water, and some vinegar if needed (yes, the one for cooking). However, even though the vinegar works for the occasional heavy duty twice a year cleaning, as much as possible try to limit the use because the acidity might corrode the hardwood.

To use the vinegar, mix one gallon of water with one cup of vinegar. Thoroughly mix. Dip the mop into the mix and twist it until it is damp dry. Then wipe those areas with the unwanted elements (stains, dirt, grime) and let the vinegar perform its magic. Finish it off with the microfiber cloth and make it shine.


Here’s a few no-no’s when cleaning your wood floors: Oil: some unwanted sediment remains even after wiping the microfiber. Wax: too much time expended and makes the wood finish less durable. Spray for Shining: too slippery after the wipe down.

Your kids will be at risk of falling, and that clumsy spouse with the coffee spill might drop more. Strong Chemicals: abrasive cleaners should be avoided; as well as pure ammonia. Your hardwood will look faded and scraped if you do this.

Diy Cleaning Tips How to Clean Wood Floors Easily

Cleaning Service

So again, you don’t need a lot to know how to clean wood floors. Essential tools (vinegar, aside) and regularly scheduled cleaning time are the most effective. However, there are times when the dirt is beyond your capacity to clean; then you need to call a cleaning service for help.

Find a house cleaning company in Dallas and not only will they satisfy your obsessive cleanliness, but you may also learn a few more tips and techniques from the experts who are doing it so much more than you are.

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