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How to Clean Home Blinds

If you have blinds in your home as your main window covering or as part of your window dressings, you might notice that they easily collect dirt and dust, especially if they aren’t tended to regularly.  In fact, many people even forget that these items need to be cleaned, and can sometimes sit for months without being touched. While most curtains can easily be tossed into the washing machine, blinds take a bit more work to get clean.  

Dust Regularly

To keep your blinds clean between deep cleanings, be sure to dust them regularly.  Use a feather duster or choose a microfiber cleansing cloth or dedicated microfiber blinds cleaner to get in the hard to reach places and capture any dirt or dust that has built up.  Be sure to keep them in the open position so that you can easily slide the cloth in between them without putting pressure on the blinds. This is the method that even the best house cleaning services tend to use to keep them clean most of the time.  

Use a Vacuum Cleaner and Attachment

If you have a vacuum cleaner with an attachment meant for cleaning upholstery, you can easily clean your blinds that way, instead of dusting them.  Simply affix the attachment to the vacuum cleaner, turn it on, and use the attachment to remove all of the dust and dirt that is coating the blinds.

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Deep Cleaning Plastic Blinds

If you find that your plastic blinds are dirtier than a simple dusting allows cleaning, you can still easily clean them.  Fill your bathtub up with warm water, remove your plastic blinds from the windows, and soak them in the water in your bathtub for roughly an hour.  When the hour is up, pull them out, and wipe away any remaining dirt or dust from the blinds.

Deep Cleaning Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds make things a bit more difficult, as they cannot be soaked in water.  However, you can still clean them! Start by giving them a wipe down with a cloth to remove as must dust and dirt as possible, and then select a cleaner that is safe to use on wood or even something such as a polisher to really help them shine.  Wipe them down with the cleaning agent that you’ve chosen, and then turn the blinds around and wipe them clean on that side, as well. While this method is not as deeply cleansing as the method for plastic blinds, it is the most efficient way to clean wooden blinds.

Even if you typically forget that your blinds need routine care, too, it’s never too late to start adding them to your task list on cleaning day.  Simply give them a good dusting once a week, and your blinds will last you years. If you forget to clean them and they’re a bit dirtier than a dusting or vacuuming will fix, use a gentle cleaner on wooden blinds or give plastic blinds a soak in the bathtub.

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