Teach Me How To Clean A Microwave

The microwave has been around forever (to be exact-1933, Westinghouse demonstrated that food can be cooked through microwaves at Chicago’s World Fair). And since that time, the microwave has been a staple in almost every house and restaurant.

What makes the microwave so popular lies in its simplicity in how anyone can operate it and how fast the heating and cooking happens. If you want to get the pizza heated, pop it in the microwave, 2 minutes later, you are munching on a hot pizza. But like with all appliances, they get dirty. And because they are somewhat sensitive because of the electronics inside, you can’t just pour water and wipe dry. Here are a few tips.

anyone can operate it


Types of Microwave Ovens


But wait, before we go on, you need to know these three most common types of microwaves available in the market today. This is important as we have to know what method to use for each one (and how expensive if we break them, ouch).
1. Solo Microwave–This is best suited for reheating (i.e. pizza), and some basic cooking. These are the cheapest and the most basic kinds of microwave ovens. These are usually owned by a newlywed or a family of just three members. These can’t be used for heavy cooking.

2. Convection Microwave–This can do everything a Solo Microwave can, with a little twist. It enables food to be heated fast, yet come out toasted. This microwave uses special technology to do this, hence it is the most expensive than the other two.

3. Grill Microwave–Like the name suggests, it grills (and reheat your pizza, of course). These frequently come with various grilling accessories. They can grill everything from vegetables to meat.


DIY Techniques


Here are the most effective DIY techniques to clean your microwave:
1. Paper Towel –
– Dip a paper towel in water.
– Place it on the glass turntable inside the microwave.
– Turn it on “high” for a minute until vapor is generated. Do not leave the microwave to do something before this procedure is done.
– Let it cool for the next 10 minutes.
– Finish by utilizing the paper towel to clean the interior of the microwave.


2. Regular Kitchen Washcloth –
– Warning: make sure that the washcloth you’re using is cotton and be certain that it remains wet during this whole method or the cloth might burn or worse, it could melt.
– Place it on the glass turntable inside the microwave.
– Turn the microwave on “high” for 4 minutes max.
– Again, DO NOT leave to do something else before this procedure is done, or else you might forget, and that would be very dangerous.
– Let the washcloth cool down for about 10 minutes. Be sure it is cool enough to hold, don’t grab it immediately.
– Similar to the first method, use the cloth to wipe the inside of the microwave.




Water, duh! Wait, not so fast. You must be as safe as possible.
– Get a small cup and put water to about half full.
– Gently put in the middle of the glass turntable.
– Turn to “high” until you see the water starts to boil (this is about 3 minutes for most microwave ovens).
– I can’t stress enough how important to NEVER leave while doing this.
– Wait for 10 minutes for the water to cool down.
– Remove the cup from the turntable and wipe the interior with a dry paper towel or washcloth.

local companies that offer inexpensive cleaning services



Professional Help


All microwave ovens come with a manual and you should read it before doing anything. I’m sure you’re thinking that you know everything about this machine but better safe than sorry. Always consult the manual.

However, if you are a little hesitant to clean it yourself, there are local companies that offer inexpensive cleaning services. They offer so much more than just cleaning microwaves though. Find one near you and be assured that these professional cleaning services will satisfy your need to cleanliness.

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