How to Clean a Bathroom

Happy New Year, Sad Old Bathroom

There’s always that awkward moment in every person’s life when they get a surprise visit from a friend, especially someone they are trying to get close to (romantically or otherwise), and then they ask you where your bathroom is.

Now for those of you that have germaphobia (fear of germs and his friends), you’re probably not sweating it because you know how spick-and-span your bathroom is.

As for the rest of us, panic turns to confusion turns to hysteria. “What did I leave in there? What about the smell? Did I put away my boxers? Did I flush? Oh my God, the smell!”

Happy New Year, Sad Old Bathroom

Comfort Room

A little trivia for you guys. In the Philippines, bathrooms and/or toilets are called “comfort rooms.” Now I don’t know the full etymology, but I heard that they called it that because they expect to find “comfort” in that room. You know what? That actually makes sense.

Your bathroom is sort of like your own little sanctuary. You wake up every morning and dispense of the evil fluids that are so eager to get out. Facebook messages are usually composed in the comfort seat.

You go through a whole article of your favorite magazine while waiting for the ultimate satisfaction of unloading your extra baggage. I’m not grossing you out, am I?
I think the Filipinos might be on to something there.


We all have different definitions of the word “clean.” For some, as long as there is no used clothing inside then it’s clear. For those that were strictly taught by their parents on how to clean a bathroom, this means you can eat your meal there without throwing up. Still others, a clean bathroom simply means it doesn’t smell.

Whatever our interpretation is, there really is a good and presentable kind of clean. The kind of clean that we are assured is a standard that everyone can accept.

Most places actually have manpower services to do these kinds of work. And for bigger houses and offices, they have janitors who know what kind of treatment to use when coffee is spilled on the carpet.

They have maids who seriously know how to clean a bathroom. Maybe they can teach us a thing or two.

I read somewhere that there is a science to this, cleaning bathrooms I mean. For example, you have to know what chemicals to use, otherwise you might burn a hole through your floor. There are different kinds of bowl cleaners for different types of tiles. Various options for choosing the right combination of air freshener and germ killers.

The most important thing to remember about all this is that it is not just in the materials that you use, or the kind of acid for the stuck-up bowl; the most crucial element in all this is that you do it regularly. And not just on friend visits.

How to Clean a Bathroom


So start 2018 right. And I do mean smelling right. If I haven’t already inspired you to research on how to clean a bathroom, you can call a Seattle house cleaning service so they can do it one time and you can learn from them. Or better yet, don’t give your address to anyone. Problem solved!

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