Advanced Fridge Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

House Cleaning After a Big Party

Advanced Fridge Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

Hosting a party at your house has the potential to be a lot of fun. Friends and family members can spend a few hours enjoying one another’s company over great food and beverages. At the end of the night, you likely feel tired but satisfied with the time you spent with loved ones. It isn’t until the following morning that you realize just how much of a mess your friends and family can create in one evening.

The major downside to hosting a party is the cleanup required the following morning. You could probably spend hours cleaning up the muddy footprints, empty drink glasses, and the sticky surfaces that line your entire house. Where do you even start when cleaning up after a big party? Here are a few of our expert suggestions to help you put your home back in order following your latest soiree.

Prepare before the party

You already know that there’s going to be a huge mess to clean up when the evening is over, so prepare to clean before the night even arrives. Cleaning supplies and garbage bags should be on your shopping list for the party essentials so you have everything you need readily available when the evening is over. This prevents your cleanup crew from taking even more time with a quick trip to the store.

The New York Times recommends stocking up on these essential items: trash bags, paper towels, magic erasers, carpet cleaner, stain removers, and white vinegar.

Toss the garbage first

Take a quick walk through the house with your garbage bag to collect any loose items you notice immediately. This can include cups, paper towels, wrappers, and even empty plates. Cleaning will feel much more manageable when the surfaces are free and clear of debris. Remember to empty cups that are still half-full into the sink before you throw them away!

Wipe down the surfaces

The first thing that will make an instant difference is to wipe down all of the surfaces. This immediately eliminates any sticky messes that have been stored up after a long evening of partying. You can start to actually clean the surfaces of your home with a strong multipurpose cleaner to prevent permanent damage or staining to your furniture.

Sweep or vacuum

Your guests have undoubtedly tracked mud and dirt throughout your home over the course of the evening. The final thing you want to do when you clean is take care of the floors. Sweep and mop if you need to. Vacuum the carpets until there are no more debris or dust bunnies floating around your home.

Hosting a party can be a fun experience, but it will require a lot more work in the morning. Avoid the unwanted hassle of cleaning up your party by hiring our qualified house cleaning services at Maid Complete. We can offer you a one-time deep cleaning service for the morning after so you can rest easy after a night of partying hard.

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