Guide to House Cleaning Schedules

A Simple Guide to Easy House Cleaning Schedule

Homeowners want their homes clean, and many of them make the mistake of assuming that cleaning is a come-what-may business. Most just clean anything they decide to clean on that day. However, efficient and sustainable house cleaning follows a schedule consistently so that nothing is missed and every nook and cranny are thoroughly cleaned.

In this article, Maid Complete, our company providing professional cleaning services, will give you a handy guide to an easy cleaning schedule. We want to make sure you have an efficient cleaning system in place.

Easy House Cleaning Schedule

What House Cleaning Should Be Done Daily?

The first part of your easy cleaning schedule is your daily chores. These tasks should be done daily to keep a clean and safe home environment:

1. Make your bed. Okay, this is the most basic thing. Making your bed every day is essential for the elegant look you want in your room. A straightened bed is also key to a relaxed and comfortable environment.

2. Clean dirty dishes. Leaving out dirty dishes provides bacteria a breeding ground, and right where you eat your food!

3. Sweep or vacuum floors of high-traffic areas. Two of the most high-traffic areas in our homes are our kitchen and home entries. Clean the floor of these areas daily.

4. Sanitize sponges. You’d be surprised at how dirty sponges cause many cases of food contamination. Disinfect sponges with dish washing soap after every use to keep this from happening.

5. Wipe down kitchen tables and counters. This part of the house has the most food debris, so wipe them all off every day to prevent spoiled food from sitting on your kitchen counters.

Guide to House Cleaning Schedules

What House Cleaning Should Be Done Weekly?

Now here is where most homeowners struggle. It’s often difficult to decide what house cleaning should be done weekly primarily because we often think it should all be done on the weekends.

But to make your cleaning schedule easier on you, it’s best to assign one task for each day of the week. If you know a day is particularly busy, assign an easier task that day.

1. Do laundry. Do laundry once a week because if you delay this for another week or so, the volume of the laundry may be too much for you to easily handle.

2. Dust around the house. Dust your home quickly once a week to remove allergen buildup and keep your furniture and appliances in tip top shape.

3. Clean your bathrooms thoroughly. Bathrooms are arguably the dirtiest part of a house. So it’s important to clean the toilet, shower tiles, walls, and mirrors once a week.

4. Clean up your refrigerator and freezer. Throw out spoiled food, empty containers, and wipe the detachable and fixed surfaces.

Get Started with Your Easy Cleaning Schedule!

This guide showing you what house cleaning should be done daily and weekly should help you create an easy cleaning schedule. If you find yourself too busy to stick to your easy cleaning schedule, you can always hire our professional cleaners to do the job. The key thing here is to keep to the schedule to avoid making the cleaning in the next days or weeks overwhelming.

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