How Fridge Cleaning Works

How Our Fridge Cleaning Service Can Help You Live Healthier!

Keeping your kitchen clean can be one of the hardest things to do. Your kitchen is a cesspool of food and debris, and cooking can just create mess after mess. Food leaves residue, eating in the kitchen allows for crumbs, and there’s no wonder many insects like to camp out in the kitchen.

Keeping a clean kitchen can be challenging at best, and a nightmare at its worst. However, it must be done to ensure that the food you eat is clean and not contaminated with germs when you eat it.

Your fridge is no exception. Keeping your fridge clean is one of the most important things you can do, as your fridge is where most of your food will reside before and after you cook and eat.

No one likes the taste of dirty fridge or rotten food when they’re eating, and the best way to combat that, as well as the bad smell that could occur and the contamination with germs, is to clean your fridge on a regular basis and keep it tidy and clean, making sure whatever rotten food is thrown our and everything is scrubbed down.

How Our Fridge Cleaning Service Can Help You Live Healthier

How Fridge Cleaning Works

While we offer fridge cleaning here at Maid Complete and can do it for you, here is a guide on how to clean your fridge if you are ever in the need of doing so yourself.

The first step to cleaning your fridge and removing odors is to remove all of the food, shelving and drawers from the fridge. Keep your food that must be kept cold in a second fridge, an ice box, or if you’re confident, you can just work quickly.

Secondly, and most importantly, turn the fridge off. You will be using liquids on an electrical device, and it is of utmost importance you turn the fridge completely off so you can make sure you don’t accidentally touch any exposed wire or circuit.

Then you want to commence the cleaning of the fridge itself, by using a fridge cleaning liquid or product that is made to clean fridges and wiping it down, scrubbing off any leaked food and making sure everything is clean and in good order.

After that, make sure you clean the drawers and shelves thoroughly, hopefully by soaking them in solution, but you could also give them a good wipe down just by themselves if you were to choose.

When that’s done, make sure to dry off all the surfaces with a towel or paper towel, then you can put everything back in, resulting in a clean fridge.

How Fridge Cleaning Works

Of course, you can have a maid service doing your fridge cleaning, they can do all this for you while you go out and enjoy time with friends and family. The average adult spends 1-3 hours EVERY DAY cleaning, and with our premium maid service you can reduce that greatly and spend more time with those you love doing the things that you love.

So be sure to call or click today for us to send you a quote on our amazing services.

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