Easy Ways to Clean Your Oven

Oven cleaning

Would you feel embarrassed if your mother or neighbor, opened the oven up?

Sadly, sometimes I leave the oven filthy, with crumbs, burnt sugar, and white ash down inside the bottom part for a long time.

It’s a shame, I know. Particularly since oven cleaning takes little effort. In the past few years, I have made it my goal to keep my oven clean and have been shocked at how simple it is.

How to clean an oven

The simplest method of cleaning the oven includes using the self-cleaning functionality.

Odds are, if the oven is under fifty years old, it’ll contain the self-cleaning function. A setting you probably have never tested.

Self-Clean Functionality begins a heat cycle which rises to more than 900-degrees, from 2.5 – 4 hours. The door of the oven will lock, as the high temperature burns all of the debris to ashes. As the temperature reduces and the oven is okay to pull open, you just wipe the ashes out of the oven’s bottom using a damp paper towel.

There actually is not an easier method of cleaning the oven than using the self-clean option.

I’ll say, the higher temperature cycle might make your home smell bad for a couple of hours. Usually, I like to begin the clean functionality when I am in my home all day long, then I’ll open the window for ventilation. I never had a problem with it, yet I do not enjoy the thought of leaving my home while it is running.

Are you afraid of the self-clean functionality?

You aren’t alone. Some folks just do not enjoy the thought of an oven rising to high temperatures in their residence.

No worries. If you don’t want to utilize the self-cleaning function, you still easily can clean the oven without harsh chemicals and without self-clean.

Scrub Down with Baking Soda

Take out the oven racks then set them down in a separate area.

Create a water and baking soda paste.

With a sponge rub the paste over the appliance’s bottom and sides.

If debris is resistant and baked-on, it’s possible to attack it in different ways.

  1. The easiest, but slower, way includes leaving a pasty layer over the oven’s surface for twelve to twenty-four hours. Next, wet it then scrub away. The soda, over time, is going to loosen up the debris, which makes it simple to wipe off.
  1. After you have spread the paste over the appliance’s surface, pour some vinegar over its surface and permit the vinegar and baking soda to fizz. This chemical reaction is going to assist in loosening the debris; therefore, it’s simple to scrub away.

How often should you clean the oven?

Cleaning the oven ought to be a monthly project; however, you ought to wipe the oven door down at least one time per week.

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