Final Thoughts on Our Housekeeping Tips

Cleaning Tips for the Home from Maid Complete

Keeping a tidy home is the pinnacle of adult life. Regardless of marital status, whether you have kids (or pets), or any other factor, keeping your house clean will help improve your mood, health, and overall outlook on life.

Not only does cleaning help eliminate mess and odor, but it can also help reduce the germs in your house and keep you from getting sick. Equally importantly, having a clutter-free life can keep you from spiraling into depression or other mental illnesses.

Even when relying on a maid service to help with most of the cleaning, there are still a few things you can do between visits to keep your home clean for longer and reduce your need to hire more visits. Doing some of these simple things can keep you from having a dirty house between visits and can lessen the work the maid needs to do, thus reducing your costs at the end of the day.

While hiring a maid is a great opportunity to have a professional come in and make sure everything is squeaky clean, keeping up with small messes and a little light work can help your house stay cleaner, longer.

Top Cleaning Tips for the Home

Top Cleaning Tips for the Home

Our first tip for you is that if you need something to polish metal or fiberglass, look no further than a bottle of Coca-Cola. The refreshing and miraculous beverage not only cleans and polishes with ease, but it is also surprisingly effective for removing bloodstains from clothing in case of accidents or natural occurrences.

Having an extra bottle of Coke around the house can help you out with cleaning in a pinch, so keep this tip in mind.

Another thing you can find around your house to help you clean is toothpaste. When used right, toothpaste can get almost any stain off of surfaces, and can be even used to polish silver. Kids made a mess with markers on the wooden table?

Toothpaste can get that right out. Just dab some on a cloth and rub out the stain. When you’re in a bind, this can help clean up your child’s mess before company arrives.

Our final tip to help you keep your home clean and fresh between visits from your trusty maid service is baking soda. Baking soda can eliminate odors quickly and naturally. You don’t need any expensive shoe cleaner; just sprinkle some baking soda in those smelly sneakers and the odor will be neutralized immediately.

Final Thoughts on Our Housekeeping Tips

Final Thoughts on Our Housekeeping Tips

We hope these tips from Maid Complete will help you keep your house sparkly-clean between our visits, and we have plenty of other tricks and tips to help you tidy up, remove stains and banish odors.

As always, keeping up on organization and cleaning messes as they appear will keep you from falling into unclean habits. Having a maid service like ours to help you clean is essential to those without a lot of time, but it’s still good to know how to clean up little messes on your own. Happy cleaning!

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