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5 Tips On What to Clean Before You List Your House For Sale

Open houses can be a very hectic thing but with the right cleaning tips you can get your home ready for any showing. There are a few different things that anyone looking to sell their home should keep in mind when cleaning and knowing what to do can make a world of difference. Here are five ways to get your house clean for an open house that will be an ultimate success.

  1. De-Clutter- one of the biggest turn offs when someone walks into an open house is clutter. If you have things that are just thrown around your rooms it can make your home look messy, unorganized, and down right not appealing. Take the time to go through the house and remove items that are not essential to the function of the room. Also, remove items that seem to crowd the room or throw off the overall design. This is the first step to making your home picture perfect for your showing.
  2. Deep Clean Floors- floors are one area that buyers immediately gravitate to. Floors can make a huge difference in the overall way that your home shows to buyers. If you have carpets shampoo and vacuum them to give them new life. If you have hardwood make sure you polish and shine it to show off the natural grain and beauty of the floor. If you have tile clean the grout so that your tiles shine as brightly as they can. Your floors often make a first impression for you so make sure that you are paying close attention to how clean they are.
  3. Dust- dusting is an important component to any open house or sale. Make sure that you dust your surfaces so that your home looks neat and tidy. Dusting is one cleaning element that takes very little time but that can have a huge impact. Make sure that your tables, base boards, ceilings and fans are dusted so that your home feels fresh and neat. Dusting is something that you can do a little bit of every day to make sure that your home feels lived in, not abandoned.
  4. Shine Your Windows- windows are something that many people forget need to be cleaned regularly. One of the elements that any buyer is going to be looking at is how the natural light filters into your home. If your windows are grimy and streaked it may give the appearance that the natural light is lacking. Make sure you shine your windows before you list for sale so that they let in the most light possible and so that they look neat and well kept. If you have small children make sure that finger prints and smudges are removed and that any marker or other dirt is off the windows so that you can make the most of them.
  5. Top to Bottom Bathrooms- bathrooms are another big draw for home buyers. Make sure your bathrooms are spotless so that you can show off their natural beauty rather than the cleaning that needs to be done. If you keep your bathroom clean and neat, you can make it look far more appealing to prospective buyers than if your toilet needs to be scrubbed or if your tub surround could do with a little bleach. Your home is your oasis, make the most of it by keeping it clean and doing a few deep cleaning things before your prospective buyers come calling.

If you ever feel overwhelmed with the cleaning before a buyer comes to look, you can always call a professional cleaning service that can clean your home from top to bottom in no time. Having a maid or a cleaning service come and clean your home can give you that extra edge when it comes to winning over potential buyers when they come to see just what your home has to offer.

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