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What is Deep Carpet Cleaning?

The floor of your home can hold onto large amounts of pet dander, dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris. These pesky pollutants lead to allergy symptoms and frequent illnesses that only appear whenever you’re exposed to the carpet. While you’re at work or running errands, these symptoms might not be a problem for you. The problem is that it is impossible for you to realize how much can be stored in your carpet until it is finally clean.

How can you get deep into the carpet to ensure a thorough cleaning? Many people postpone this chore because they don’t want to rent a steam cleaner. However, there are plenty of ways to get a deep carpet cleaning without renting pricey equipment.

Vacuum your home thoroughly

Does it seem obvious that the first step to cleaning your carpet would be to vacuum it? This might be a weekly chore, but a deep carpet cleaning is a little different. This is a time to vacuum underneath all of your furniture and around those hard-to-reach places that never get attention. If you have a crevice tool on your vacuum, be sure to use it to suck up any lingering dirt between the carpet and the baseboard.

This is a great time to make sure that your vacuum has appropriate suction. The suction on your vacuum can decrease over time if you don’t tend to your machine like you should. You might be able to repair your unit with just a few simple and inexpensive tweaks. When you opt for professional cleaning services like those from Maid Complete, we always use quality vacuums that do an excellent job cleaning out the dirt and build-up from your carpets.

Sprinkle baking soda

Carpets can often collect odors over a long period of time without a deep cleaning. Baking soda is a quick and easy way to eliminate those stubborn smells without fancy machinery. Sprinkle the baking soda over your clean carpet and allow it to settle in for thirty minutes or so. This should help to absorb and neutralize any of the odors that have been lingering in your house.

Get out stubborn stains

With a little bit of elbow grease, you can get stubborn stains out of your carpets. Using a carpet cleaner or some mild detergent mixed with warm water, use a scrub brush to dampen the carpet and scrub out the affected area. Dry it up with an absorbent towel to the best of your ability. You may want to do the entire carpet this way so that you don’t have one patch that is noticeably cleaner than the surrounding areas. Of course, you could use a steam cleaner instead if you have one available to you.

Next time you need your carpets deep cleaned, consider hiring Maid Complete. We offer guaranteed cleaning services from professional maids that are licensed and insured. All of our services utilize high-quality cleaners and equipment to ensure that your home is thoroughly cleansed from lingering bacteria and dirt.

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