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Maid Service in a House With Pets

Whether you have one dog or ten cats, you know how hard it can be to keep your home clean. Constant hair and fur balls flying all over the place, not to mention the knocked over plants, hairballs, and cat litter can really add up to a mess that never seems to end. Having animals in your home can be a joy, but you know that it can also be stressful dealing with the mess. If you are a pet owner, having maid service in a house with pets might be the answer for you. Why bother fighting against the constant barrage of hair and fur all by yourself? Highly trained maid services can help. But in the meantime, here are some ways to cut down on the dirty, clutter, and just plain chaos that can ensue from owning a pet.

Groom Your Pet Regularly

While it might cost you a bit of money every few months, having your pet groomed on a regular basis ensures that their fur or hair is being maintained and cleaned professionally. That means less shedding and dander are parading through your home. Professional cleaning of your animal can even help cut down on how much you pay to have your house cleaned because if you keep your pet’s hair short, it’s likely to shed less and make big fur balls in hidden places, like under your sofa or bed. So do something nice for your pet – and yourself! – and have them professionally groomed on a regular basis.


Comb Their Fur or Hair

Get an inexpensive comb or brush from your local pet store and regularly brush your pet’s hair or fur. This can drastically reduce the amount of hair that piles up on the floor or in the corners of your house. If you have animals with fur, you know how quickly that can add up. Using a broom isn’t going to do the trick: you are just pushing the dirt around. Try vacuuming the hair once you get it into a pile, or using a wet cloth to scoop it up. Be sure to clean your vacuum filter after doing this to avoid ruining the filter over the long term.

Regular Tidying Helps

Rather than wait until the end of the week to scoop up all of the balls of dog hair floating around the house, get in the habit of picking them up when you see them and dropping them in the garbage can. Better yet, don’t even worry about it and hire a maid service to come in and help keep your place clean for you. It’s easy to do and more affordable than you might think. If you are struggling to keep up with the mess your pets leave behind, you are not alone. Think about hiring trained maids to keep your place looking – and smelling – great! You’ll love coming home to clean and tidy house at the end of a long day. That way, you can spend more time loving your pets, and less time cleaning up after them.

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