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10 Things Your Maid Should Do on Every Visit

It isn’t uncommon today for families to outsource household upkeep and maintenance. With one or more parents working, children of various ages in school, as well as extracurricular activities, and all the running around and scheduling that entails, it may be hard to keep up! Hiring a maid is a way that families may lighten their load and receive some additional assistance around the home. However, what precisely can you expect from the maid? Plus, how will you go about employing a maid which fits your lifestyle and needs? Step one includes understanding what the most typical maid duties are then customizing them to develop an efficient maid job description.

What Duties to Expect Your Maid to Manage and Complete?

Before embarking on hiring a maid, it is important that you identify what the needs of your family are, and make a list of duties you would expect your maid to manage. Now you should ask yourself: what will I need from my maid? Are their certain things you do not have time to get to each week, or activities you need assistance with to simplify your life, as well as manage your household and time better? The list will appear different for each family and actually boils down to what your unique needs are. However, as a general rule, the following are 10 of the duties a typical maid might perform.

  1. Tidy living spaces and bedrooms up. Some folks will do a little light tidying up before the maid comes (putting away toys, placing laundry inside the hamper, straightening the office up, and so on). It permits the maid to concentrate on more involved chores in every room.
  2. Laundry. Having somebody wash, sort, fold, and dry laundry for you may be a big help! Some maids might not considerate it a portion of their routine maid duties; therefore, it is a great idea that you specify that laundry should be expected as you create your maid job description.
  3. Clean floors, which ought to include mopping and sweeping tile or hardwood floors, and vacuuming rugs and carpets throughout your house.
  4. Clean bathrooms, which includes toilets, wiping counters down, scrubbing showers and tubs, as well as cleaning mirrors.
  5. Clean kitchen, which includes wiping down appliances and counters, wiping cabinet doors down, and cleaning the sink.
  6. Dusting, including all surfaces and rooms.
  7. Wash interior windows as necessary, except anything that is above arm’s reach. You also will need to specify in your maid job description if you need drapes and blinds cleaned on an established schedule.
  8. Makes beds in every room and changes linens, as necessary.
  9. Empty garbage cans throughout your house and dispose of garbage in a sanitary way.
  10. Track cleaning supplies and what must be restocked and/or replaced, and report on an as-necessary basis.

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