cleaning kitchen cabinets using baking soda

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Safely

Maintaining a clean house can be challenging, especially if you get so busy that you barely have time to clean. As you go through your normal house cleaning routine, one of the most difficult areas to clean is your kitchen. Primarily because cooking and food preparation can be quite messy. One problem every kitchen faces…

Guide to House Cleaning Schedules

A Simple Guide to Easy House Cleaning Schedule

Homeowners want their homes clean, and many of them make the mistake of assuming that cleaning is a come-what-may business. Most just clean anything they decide to clean on that day. However, efficient and sustainable house cleaning follows a schedule consistently so that nothing is missed and every nook and cranny are thoroughly cleaned. In…

Top Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Carpets form part of the esthetic balance and harmony of many homes. They help to add comfort to homes and make them cozier than they could have been without them. However, for carpets to continue serving their purpose effectively is dependent on how they are maintained and taken care of. Carpet cleaning is one of…