10 Tips To Get a Sparkling Clean Bathroom

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10 Clever Bathroom Cleaning Tips from the Experts

It can be a real challenge to keep the bathroom clean due to its constant use. This is especially true when your family is large. You may wonder why the condition of your bathroom is far cry from those in the 5 star hotels you spend your vacation.

Luxury hotels keep their bathrooms spotless to offer the ideal retreat for their clients. If you have ever wondered how to maintain the cleanliness based on those standards then you need to keenly follow these tips from the experts.

1. Dusting and Vacuuming

One of the most effective ways to keep away dust and hair from the bathroom is through regular dusting and vacuuming. Make sure you reach all the surfaces including wiping the lighting fixtures and shelves using a microfiber cloth.

2. Heating up the surfaces

If you want to clean your bathroom surfaces with ease then you need to keep them heated at a temperature above room conditions. The easiest way to heat up the surface of the floor or bathtub is to use hot water. This will increase the effectiveness of the cleaning products.

3. Spray the Surfaces

Fill a spray bottle with an antibacterial cleaning agent. Ensure the bathtub is well drained before you begin spraying the cleaner generously on the surfaces. You can start working from up going down, spray the wall tiles, counters all the way down to the floor.

4. Spread the cleaning solution

Spread out the cleaning agent evenly using a microfiber cloth or sponge all over the surfaces. Make sure you reach all the surfaces that need cleaning. The spraying should be done evenly without concentrating only on a specific section alone.

5. Allow the cleaning agent sit on the surface

To increase the effectiveness of the cleaning agent and disinfectant allow it to sit on the surface for a while after spraying. Do not wipe off the cleaning agent immediately before it works on the surface. Ten minutes is enough for the cleaner to eat away any dirt, grease or germs.

6. Scrub down the surfaces

Now that you have allowed the cleaning agent sufficient time to act on the surface, grab a non-abrasive pad or brush and scrub the tile surfaces thoroughly. There are some commercial non-abrasive pads that are effective to use on bathroom surfaces.

7. Rinsing Off

After scrubbing all the surfaces, you now need to ensure that you have left no cleaning agent residue on the surface. Thoroughly rinse off the bathroom surfaces to eliminate the cleaning agent completely. This will also help to deal with the smell from the cleaning chemicals.

8. Dry out the surfaces

After rinsing the bathroom surfaces now you need to ensure that it is dry. You can use a clean towel or cotton cloth to wipe off the water from the bathroom surfaces. It is important to have multiple cloths for this so that you do not end up drying the bathtub with the same cloth you used for the toilet.

9. Cleaning Glass and Mirror Surfaces

Glass and mirrors need a special glass cleaning agent to keep them spotless. Spray the glass and mirror surfaces with the cleaning agent and wipe them dry. This will keep the mirror and glass surfaces totally streak free.

10. Finish off with the floors

Start cleaning the bathroom floors from the farthest end away from the bathroom door. This will ensue that by the time you work your way back to the door you can simply move out without making the floor dirty again.

Periodic professional bathroom cleaning services can also help. Maid Complete is a professional Dallas maid service that can help restore your bathroom's shine.

These professional bathroom cleaning tips will keep your bathroom hygienic, spotless and inviting. Now you can simply reward yourself by taking a nice long and warm soaking in the tub.

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